The Election Dinner of the Broderers Company

Monday 8th of June 2015

This year the Broderers had their Election dinner in the grandeur of Mercer’s Hall, our regular home. In honour of the Lord Mayor of London, who was present, the evening was White Tie. While several of us, the author included, had issues with some item or other of evening dress the final result made for a magnificent evening. I don’t know what it is about evening dress but everything seems to shimmer more brightly than normal and the evening is all the more grand. I also noticed that everyone’s behaviour changes slightly when they are formally dressed up –  probably driven by a fear of some part of the kit malfunctioning in public!

After a Champagne reception with the Livery Committee at the Bow Lane Wine Vaults we transferred across to the Mercer’s Hall for the formal part of the evening. This year there seemed to more Broderers in attendance than usual and it was lovely to catch up with many friends and be able to introduce our guests . As always at a Broderers event the atmosphere is of relaxed conviviality evident by the volume of laughter coming form the assembled throng. These dinners are a wonderful reminder of the age of our Company and the continuous renewal that it undergoes. From the display and use of our silverware and treasures (showing the generosity of former Liverymen of bygone years) to the speech by our newest Broderer, Simon Westlake.

Again this year the dinner was of a very high standard, indeed it is what we have come to expect. After the interesting and witty speeches from the Master, Lord Mayor and Anthony Edwards it was time for the highlight of any of our events the Master’s Song. The Election Dinner is the first time that the new Master can demonstrate their vocal skills and our Master gave us an excellent rendition though I thought the assembled company sang the choruses to perfection – we almost had an encore but with just one look from the Clerk the Master sat down.

An excellent evening of good company, interesting conversation and pleasure. To those of you who have not attend a dinner recently they are truly good fun – don’t miss the next one we look forward to seeing you there!

James Neill