Election Service and supper 2016

On the 16th May, we held our Election Service and supper. Following tradition, this was the first Monday after Pentecost and so perfect for us who are, after all, the Brotherhood of The Holy Ghost as well as The Worshipful Company of Broderers.

We were delighted to be joined by the daughters of Francis Paddick (Master 1982/83) and by Lady Monckton, whose husband was Master in 1978/79. The supper was a delightful and very family-oriented event and a really good way to end one of our years and begin another one. Everyone is looking forward to the events that our new Master, Peter Mosse, has planned.

Before that, it was a special pleasure for us to welcome and to clothe as full members of the livery,  Anita Ferrero and Judith Hardy. Dr. Crispian Tarrant made his freedom declaration, so we look forward to him joining the livery in due course.

During the service, which was led by Andrew Walker, we enjoyed the sermon preached by Canon John Draper, an engaging senior naval chaplain. Before that, the congregation sang a hymn written specially for The Company by last year’s Mistress Broderer, Daphne Bagshawe.  The words are set out below.

For those not able to come on this occasion, I would like to repeat what I said to those who were there, which is to give my thanks to the entire livery for electing me as last year’s Master and for supporting me so well during that time. I wish Peter Mosse every success in what I know will be his splendid year as Master.

                                                                            Nick Bagshawe.

Hymn for The Broderers
Tune : Wolvercote


The Holy Ghost has summoned us
To gather here today
United in one brotherhood
To worship and to pray
We come with hearts uplifted,
To answer to that call-
For God’s own Son requires us
To witness unto all.


Through countless ages carefully
 God draws a thread of love –
To bind us and to lead us
To heavenly bliss above.
Now Broderers all must serve the Lord
And take this thread divine,
That beauty, fruit of holiness
Shall be to men a sign.


The Holy Ghost, our patron.
The livery our bond.
The Company our unity
In this life and beyond.
So let us now give praise to God,
And ever joyful be-
That he has called us to him in
This Confraternity.

Daphne Bagshawe

Mistress Broderer 2015/16.