Large Bible of 1701 with applied embroideries

Nick Bagshawe sat next to the Chairman of Maggs Brothers, the famous booksellers, who mentioned that he'd come across something of Broderer interest. A summary of what he wrote to Nick afterwards is set out below.

"It is an extraordinary large 2 volume Bible of 1701 (see attached picture) which Maggs bought at auction a few years ago, and is now in the Getty family library in Bucks. It is bound in red velvet with applied embroideries, some of which appear to have been recycled from earlier work.

As well as the "AR" initials of Queen Anne you will notice it has the Broderers' Company motto "OMNIA DE SUPER" on the banner at the foot. It is thought that it was part of the new fittings for the Chapel Royal supplied as part of the Queen Anne's Coronation in 1702. William West, who I believe was a Broderer, seems to have been responsible for all the embroideries supplied for the ceremony."

(William West was indeed Master in 1696-1697)