Annual City Lunch in Vintners Hall

On Friday 30th January, I was treated to the Annual City Lunch in Vintners Hall, hosted by Searcys, who do the catering there, and the Vintners Company. The Master Vintner made it refreshingly clear that the event was to showcase the attractions of Vintners Hall. The Broderers know about that, of course, because one of our major dinners last year was held there and went very well. The lunch was excellent and it was good to meet old friends from the Framework Knitters and new ones from the Plumbers and Furniture Makers.


What may not be so well known is that Vintners Hall has a number of bedrooms which are both comfortable and very good value. These are available to all liverymen in the City and might well be a useful alternative to much more expensive hotels. If you’re interested, look at Vintners Hall website for details.