Inter Livery Regatta 2023

The Broderers were represented in the 54th Inter-Livery Regatta organised by the City Livery Yacht Club. A fleet of 17 boats gathered in Cowes in glorious sunshine and fair winds for some excellent racing laid on by the Island Sailing Club.

On the water we faced stiff competition in our class from the Carpenters, Gunmakers and Plumbers but were out-paced by the Innholders, who, perhaps best recognised the real race was to get to the excellent social programme ashore, came equipped with the only purpose built racing boats! Congratulations to them and ‘Emily of Cowes’ for their overall first place.

Whilst we missed out on the silverware our novice team was pleased with their overall performance and particular praise goes to Freeman Tom Merriman for his careful and cunning positioning for the start of the first race in which we beat all competitors across the line and led the fleet, much to their and our surprise, for most of the first upwind leg.

The near perfect racing conditions were equalled ashore by the hospitality provided by the Royal Ocean Racing Club and the Royal London Yacht Club where dinners were held which provided an excellent opportunity to get to know members of other Livery Companies drawn from other competitors and the much wider community represented by the City Livery Yacht Club.

On the water the Broderers were represented by Liverymen Matthew Knight, Julian Peck, Peter Merriman and Freeman Tom Merriman, Anabel Merriman and Victoria Reed, with shore-side support provided by Katherine Ireson. Congratulations to Julian and Katherine who announced their engagement during the concluding dinner!

Planning begins now for a return for the 55th competition. Do let Matthew Knight or Tom Merriman know if you would be interested in taking part.

Tom helming ahead of all other cruising entrants in our division to gain a 3rd place.

Matthew providing useful ballast (and a first place in sailing attire)

The Broderers Team and the silverware.