The Percy Levy Prize – 2024

In 1982 Past Master Pervy Levy presented a trophy to the Court, to be used as the prize for an embroidery competition. Entrance was open to all Broderers, wives of Broderers, daughters or widows with entries to be judged by the Royal School of Needlework. This competition ran regularly for the next few years but gradually fell into abeyance, possibly because the Broderers (remember they were all men at this time) lost interest.

Past Master Jonathan Murphy was keen to resurrect the competition and with some slightly amended “rules” – most notably as to the judging, the competition was reignited at Election Night in 2023. All attendees, irrespective of their needlework skills had the opportunity to vote for the winner in their eyes. Sarah de Rousset Hall was the first winner.

On Monday 20th May 2024, Sarah presented the prize to this year’s winner – Angela Bishop. Angela’s piece was inspired by the Royal School’s collaboration with Cornelia Parker in 2016 recognising the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

The photo shows Angela proudly holding the Percy Levy trophy which will adorn her place setting at every Livery function for the next twelve months.

Congratulations Angela!