Shrieval Presentation of Addresses

On Friday, 11 November the Master, Wardens and Officers of the Broderers attended Guildhall for the Silent Ceremony at which the new Lord Mayor is sworn into office.  (As the name implies, the ceremony is performed in silence apart from the swearing of the oath of office.)  Afterwards they attended a further ceremony, the Presentation of Addresses, at which the Livery Companies of which the new Lord Mayor and new Sheriffs are members present gifts to the new office holders.

As the new Aldermanic Sheriff, Alderman and Sheriff Alastair King, is a Borderer we were invited to make a presentation and presented him with a cushion produced by Fine Cell Work embroidered with both his and the Broderers’ coats of arms.  The Master in presenting the gift noted that it had been made by former prisoners, who might have been even better acquainted with his home for the year, the Old Bailey, than he was.